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Maleficent [spoilers ahoy!]

So I thought I’d take a leaf out of Kyle’s book and try my hand at reviewing a story (his blog is chock full of various spoilery things – ranging from Game of Thrones to Spiderman to Doctor Who – but if you like story critiques, you should probably check it out). I saw Maleficent […]

This is a post

Filler? This? Why I never! Okay, maybe a little. I’m sorry. Believe it or not, I had this open most of the day, but I wasn’t at my computer for most of the day. Funny how just leaving things open in the background does not actually lead to them getting done. This is a method […]

Good morning!

The sun is beautiful, and you are beautiful, and life is beautiful. Even though it’s Monday. In case you had any doubts. = ) (I’m sorry for the gap in posting and that this isn’t really a “real” post, and I promise I have tons of things in drafts, but I kept getting too busy […]

Happy Friday

Happy Friday, have an adorable pug on a billboard. Real posts forthcoming this weekend. =D


Good evening and hello =). It has been a little while since my last update, but it’s because I’ve been attempting to be a good student and focus on my first assignment for DITA. It may also have something to do with the fact that I have just discovered that “Avatar: The Last Airbender” is […]

Comic Con!

Hello again, friends. This Saturday I went to MCM London Comic Con and it was really awesome. I resisted buying anything too, which my bank account thinks is awesome. On the other hand, the less rational part of my brain is pouting that I didn’t walk away with a waist length, wavy mint-green wig. I […]

Apple Day!

Sunday was Apple Day at Borough Market. This means that on top of the usual deliciousness and hubbub of the market, there were tables full of apples, apple-y baked goods, and people in really cool costumes. Alas, none of my photos did justice to the people performing in awesome costumes. Naturally, I bought apples, and […]