Comic Con!

Hello again, friends. This Saturday I went to MCM London Comic Con and it was really awesome. I resisted buying anything too, which my bank account thinks is awesome. On the other hand, the less rational part of my brain is pouting that I didn’t walk away with a waist length, wavy mint-green wig. I went with friends from my building, met up with another friend who’s been living in London (and is sadly going back home soon), and made a new friend! YAY friends! There were also many amazing cosplays to be seen. So shiny. Of course, we waited in the queue for a little over an hour and a half before we were able to finally buy tickets and go in; so that was a new experience. So…many…people… Lots of people in the line were high-fiving random strangers as they passed. Cuddle Cthulhu gave some fives. Those poor, unfortunate souls. Cons always give me that “yay, I’ve found my people” feeling. Even when I have no idea who or what half the cosplays are from. It’s just wonderful to be surrounded by people, dressed up or not, who are enthusiastic about really cool things and willing to hang out with a bunch of equally enthusiastic people. ❤

There was a giant, inflatable minion! Sci-fi books! Figurines! Games and steampunk and Pocky! The Euro 2013 Cosplay Contest!

No really, don’t panic. And carry a towel.

Giant, inflatable minion! =D

Oh, and remember how I said I was going to make pumpkin chili? Well, that ended up consuming nearly my entire day today. I’ve learned lots of things (how to properly peel and chop an onion, how long it really takes to blanch and peel tomatoes, how much longer it takes than tomatoes to peel a pumpkin, and so on). But it turned out really delicious! Slightly less “pumpkin chili” and more “chili that happens to have pumpkin in it”, but still excellent, if I do say so myself. And it’s going to be even better tomorrow, so I have that to look forward to. Leftover pumpkin will be used for gf pumpkin pancakes, and I’m going to attempt to roast the seeds. Pumpkins are so versatile. And delicious.

Also, I really ought to be paying more attention to the news here. I just found out that apparently England and Wales are supposed to be bracing for a pretty major storm with gale force winds. I hope people on the coast stay safe! Hope it doesn’t affect class tomorrow – we’re covering blogging, social media, and user-generated content in DITA. So excited! (Speaking of class, soon I’ll post an update with cool things I’ve been learning. Didn’t mean to neglect that side of the blog. And I’m going to start my first book off the children’s book list in a couple of days, but it’s a surprise until I post about it!)

Halloween is soon! NaNoWriMo is soon! I have an essay due soon! Life is good.


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