Monthly Archives: February 2014


Today, Cuddle Cthulhu and I went to the British Museum with Sara. We found one of the best postcards to ever exist. =D Hehehe. In addition to the grumpy frog postcard, we also went on a free tour of the art from the Middle East gallery. So many gorgeous things. I forgot to take a […]

Shadows of the Deep

Post-midnight adventures to take pictures with the awesome whale down the road.

City Unrulyversity

So what I have been doing besides going to class, studying, and cooking? Last night I went to City Unrulyversity’s first of four sessions on marketing for start-ups. This first one was about using social media for impact. Since I don’t (er, didn’t…) really have a start-up or a plan for one, I thought that […]


Back to class, back to the Monday/Friday routine. Although I’ve been working on some thoughts for all the modules I’m in this term, I’ve devoted this post to Libraries and Publishing in the Information Society (LAPIS). #LibPub on Twitter (and frequently lapis lazuli in my head because those words belong together always), this class gets […]

I am only productive after midnight

Let’s take the word “productive” with a grain of salt here… Still, I promised no slacking on posts, and I think I’m developing insomnia.