Neil Gaiman!

Why yes, yes I did get to see Neil Gaiman. And he was pretty much as fabulous as you would expect. Tuesday night I went to see Neil Gaiman (and special guests) read his new children’s book Fortunately, The Milk. The illustrator, Chris Riddell was also there, and drew wonderful things as an accompaniment to the reading. I knew nothing about the book; I’ve seen it around and heard of it, of course, but deliberately did not read it since I’ve known for a month I was coming to this event. This means that my first time experiencing the story was totally designed by the author, which is a really interesting and rare experience since usually reading a book for the first time happens in your own head.  It was wonderfully entertaining.

My favorite part of the evening occurred with a bit of unplanned audience participation. When Neil Gaiman read the part of an alien going “ha ha!” a young child in the audience also shouted back, “ha ha!” And Neil pointed at him and said “Exactly!” and then would have proceeded with his reading, except the room erupted in claps and cheers. Presumably both for the kid and the wonderful response. In due time we settled down to keep listening, but it was both adorable and hilarious.

Oh, and the queue to get in was crazy. It was halfway around the building when I got there, and people kept coming. By the time they started letting us in and I’d moved all the way to the front, it was still wrapped around back to the entrance.

And naturally, I couldn’t resist buying a book on my way out. All in all, it was quite a wonderful experience. =)


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