Monthly Archives: September 2013

Blank Looks

Person: “What course are you on?” Me: “Library science.” Person: *blank look* Occasionally followed by, “I’m sorry, I’ve never heard of that before.” Seriously? Now, once or twice makes sense. It’s just a thing that happens. But last night I went on a cruise thing that City did, and met a lot of people since […]

Phantom of the Opera

“No photos, please!” I was so sneaky that I didn’t get yelled at. Although I was also so sneaky that my phone pictures couldn’t possibly do justice to Her Majesty’s Theatre. Phantom of the Opera was so good I don’t even know how to properly describe it. This was exactly a week ago (okay, not […]

At the British Museum

Cuddle Cthulhu disapproves of your thievery.

Before I Continue…

I still have plenty of London-related things to cover, as well as my children’s book project to discuss, but before the invasion continues, I wanted to introduce my cuddly friends (and their makers). Cuddle Cthulhu is a crocheted creature made by the fabulous Needle Gnomes. Look, they have facebook and a shop! If Cuddle […]

Come Say Hello…

To Hello Cthulhu!

Hello Again!

I promise I will update with several cool pictures and proper posts soon. I haven’t forgotten about this blog. Moving in and seeing the city with my mom is quite time-consuming (and really cool). Cuddle Cthulhu has enjoyed it as well. Highlights you can look forward to: a toy shop, Phantom of the Opera, the […]


I am sitting in a hotel in London. Whoa. I’ve been feeling such a rush of excitement with all the getting ready, and now I’m here, and I’m starting to feel very overwhelmed. Not necessarily in a bad way. Just…lots of feelings. Thankfully, everything went off without a hitch. My mom’s traveling with me, and […]