Hello, friends!

I promise that I haven’t abandoned you or the blog. Things were super crazy the last two weeks, while I packed up my flat and moved out of London and up to Edinburgh. In addition to still working on my dissertation (which is due so soon, ahhh!). 

It’ll probably be slow (or no) updates the next couple of weeks. While I’m all settled in with Steph (who is the greatest friend ever for letting me live with her for a month), I’m working double-time on researching/writing/editing my dissertation. I might poke my head in and say hi or post a cute picture of Cuddle Cthulhu, but the next major post isn’t likely to happen until I am done. People who enjoy proofreading and editing academic writing are welcome to give me a poke, though. Haha. 

Back to work for me. You just carry on being your wonderful selves, and I’ll meet you on the other side. ❤


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