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Dear blog, I am very sorry I went a week without posting. It’s because I was out and about having adventures. And also because Stephenie was the one taking pictures (all photos in this post are hers). Cuddle Cthulhu came with us to see The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. And then he somehow got […]

That’s King Penguin To You

Information management, penguin-style. Mission, vision, and policy.

Information Overload, Part the Second

AKA, That feeling of exhilarating wonder you get upon walking into a bookstore over just how many things there are to read, immediately followed by the terrifying sinking feeling over remembering you will never have enough time in your life to read them all. Is that the longest subtitle ever? I want an award. So […]

Cthulhu on Strike

Always read the fine print. Speaking of strikes, there was one outside City today. There was one a couple weeks ago, too, which was part of a wider London higher education strike, but I wasn’t on campus that day. Today, I learned some interesting things. University staff were striking – most of them to advocate […]

Information Overload, Part the First

Sometimes I think tabbed internet browsing was simultaneously the best and worse thing to happen to the internet. You could always open things in new windows, but tabs are definitely easier to navigate (and way cooler). I myself am guilty of having approximately 5-7 tabs open at any given time.  Not to mention the PDF […]

A Journey

The metaphorical kind, in which I introspect about a personal journey undertaken within the last year. I know, I know, it’s not New Year’s yet – why am I reflecting on the past year already? Because the 1st of December marks the start of a very strange few steps into the journey of adulthood. You’re […]