This is a post

Filler? This? Why I never!

Okay, maybe a little. I’m sorry. Believe it or not, I had this open most of the day, but I wasn’t at my computer for most of the day. Funny how just leaving things open in the background does not actually lead to them getting done. This is a method I employ frequently, to no avail.

I’ve had a lovely few days with my friend Sarah, hanging out and exploring and generally doing fun things (like going to Avebury and museums). I promise a real post about these adventures very soon (possibly tomorrow!) because we took lots of pictures. In the meantime, I’m mainly posting to say hello and fulfill my schedule obligations. I would still write a real post, but I’m about to go to bed. We have to get up quite early tomorrow to return her to the airport =(.

So hello!

And goodbye.

And stay tuned, because there will be fun things soon. It’ll be a good break from coursework…


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