Monthly Archives: April 2014

Scottish Adventures in Progress

Good morning, friends! Expect a full recap of Bronach when I return (Sunday or Monday). What’s Bronach, you ask? Brother + Albannach + two coaches of Americans in the Scottish Highlands = Bronach. Brother and Albannach are two fantastic bands. Steph and I have basically followed Albannach around the country (yes, you could say we’re […]

This is a post

Filler? This? Why I never! Okay, maybe a little. I’m sorry. Believe it or not, I had this open most of the day, but I wasn’t at my computer for most of the day. Funny how just leaving things open in the background does not actually lead to them getting done. This is a method […]

Chocolate for Dinner

My break from coursework on Saturday was to go to the London Chocolate Festival with Sara. No, of course I didn’t actually eat chocolate for dinner. I ate it for lunch, silly. We bought tasting tickets, so we got to spend an hour in a tasting session. We didn’t know ahead of time that all […]

You mean I can’t buy books here? The London Book Fair

Okay, so technically you could buy books from Foyles. But I have to say that it is is a weird experience to be in a massive space filled with books, where what’s on offer isn’t the books themselves but the people behind them- and the various services they offer. From publishers in every niche and […]


This is the last week of term. I finished my Monday classes yesterday, and now I just have the last Friday. Of course, I still have all my final coursework due in the next few weeks, and then my dissertation, so it isn’t really over. But things will definitely change. This Friday will be the […]

Promises of schedules

Good morning! Long, life-related post incoming, friends. Proceed with caution. Or a snack. I suggest grapefruit. =D Every time I go for a while without writing, I have to give myself a poke that my blog exists. After too much time has passed without a post, it starts to become a little more of a […]