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Last Hurrah

Hello again, dear friends. I leave the UK tomorrow. Wow. I can’t believe it’s tomorrow. I left on a Wednesday last year, too. Since my last post? I moved out of London. I turned in my dissertation on libraries and Tumblr. I’ve stayed in Edinburgh with my wonderful friend Steph for the month. And now […]

Cuddle Cthulhu Invades Loncon3!

One week ago today was the last of 5 very long (and wonderful) days at the 72nd World Science Fiction Convention, aka Worldcon, aka Loncon3. It was unbelievably cool, and I have far too much to say, so I’ll probably be writing multiple posts about it (and/or thoughts that it inspired). Pretty awesome logo, right? […]

Pi and Mash

Hello! So many things to talk about, as it has been a very busy week and then some.¬† Soon, a post about Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the Edinburgh Book Festival, which I arrived back from on Wednesday. Later,¬†posts about LonCon3! Five full days of World Science Fiction Convention awesomeness. But first, what I did the […]


Relaxation…by doing things! That’s how you do it, right? (Related: This comic ) So, here’s a look at how I spend my down time: I make chainmail. It gives me something to do with my hands, a way to practice patience, and tangible (colorful!) results at the end of a project. Plus, sometimes I do […]

London Film and Comic Con

Hello again, friends! Sorry that I’ve been absent for a while. It’s been an odd few weeks. But I did a super fun thing last weekend – I crewed for the London Film and Comic Con! So let’s start off by explaining that “super fun” for me includes being insanely busy, dealing with hundreds of […]


I told my mom I needed to write a blog post and didn’t know what to write about. She said, “Llamas!” Thanks, Mom. Today’s post brought to you by this off-topic little guy: This is not, in fact, a post about llamas. All I know about llamas is that they’re fluffy, they spit, and they […]

Fighting Dinosaurs

Cuddle Cthulhu was very mad at me for not bringing him to Alton Towers, so I am giving him a special feature post of some of the other adventures he had when Kyle was visiting me. First, we went to the Natural History Museum. Cuddle Cthulhu is very…ambitious. T-Rex, meet Cuddle Cthulhu. Tiny terror of […]