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Hello, friends! I promise that I haven’t abandoned you or the blog. Things were super crazy the last two weeks, while I packed up my flat and moved out of London and up to Edinburgh. In addition to still working on my dissertation (which is due so soon, ahhh!).  It’ll probably be slow (or no) […]

Pi and Mash

Hello! So many things to talk about, as it has been a very busy week and then some.  Soon, a post about Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the Edinburgh Book Festival, which I arrived back from on Wednesday. Later, posts about LonCon3! Five full days of World Science Fiction Convention awesomeness. But first, what I did the […]

Tech Utopia, Tech Determinism

So, I’m going to do my best to pick out the pieces of this that I most want to comment on, but I do recommend actually reading it all the way through for all the information and the general flavor of it. So here’s the link, and whichever you choose, let’s carry on. This is […]

You mean I can’t buy books here? The London Book Fair

Okay, so technically you could buy books from Foyles. But I have to say that it is is a weird experience to be in a massive space filled with books, where what’s on offer isn’t the books themselves but the people behind them- and the various services they offer. From publishers in every niche and […]


This is the last week of term. I finished my Monday classes yesterday, and now I just have the last Friday. Of course, I still have all my final coursework due in the next few weeks, and then my dissertation, so it isn’t really over. But things will definitely change. This Friday will be the […]

City Unrulyversity

So what I have been doing besides going to class, studying, and cooking? Last night I went to City Unrulyversity’s first of four sessions on marketing for start-ups. This first one was about using social media for impact. Since I don’t (er, didn’t…) really have a start-up or a plan for one, I thought that […]


Back to class, back to the Monday/Friday routine. Although I’ve been working on some thoughts for all the modules I’m in this term, I’ve devoted this post to Libraries and Publishing in the Information Society (LAPIS). #LibPub on Twitter (and frequently lapis lazuli in my head because those words belong together always), this class gets […]