Hello again, friends! Sorry that I’ve been absent for a while. It’s been an odd few weeks. But I did a super fun thing last weekend – I crewed for the London Film and Comic Con! So let’s start off by explaining that “super fun” for me includes being insanely busy, dealing with hundreds of […]

I told my mom I needed to write a blog post and didn’t know what to write about. She said, “Llamas!” Thanks, Mom. Today’s post brought to you by this off-topic little guy: This is not, in fact, a post about llamas. All I know about llamas is that they’re fluffy, they spit, and they […]

So I thought I’d take a leaf out of Kyle’s book and try my hand at reviewing a story (his blog is chock full of various spoilery things – ranging from Game of Thrones to Spiderman to Doctor Who – but if you like story critiques, you should probably check it out). I saw Maleficent […]

Cuddle Cthulhu was very mad at me for not bringing him to Alton Towers, so I am giving him a special feature post of some of the other adventures he had when Kyle was visiting me. First, we went to the Natural History Museum. Cuddle Cthulhu is very…ambitious. T-Rex, meet Cuddle Cthulhu. Tiny terror of […]

Y’all. I love roller coasters. I really, really do. So when Sara messaged me to ask if I wanted to be part of a group to go to Alton Towers, I was super excited to go. As you may guess, it was a very adrenaline-fueled day. Plus, I only got 3.5 hours of sleep the […]

Three weeks ago, I was packing to go to Florence, where I was meeting Kyle and his family. I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this before, but I actually really like to pack. I like both packing and planning, and I was somewhat neurotic about both this time around because I took the 10kg […]

So when I said I would post something on “x” day, everyone knew that was a lie, right? Schedules and I really don’t get along. (And in my defense, part of the delay was from finishing coursework and then writing my research proposal for my dissertation.) That being said, pictures of Scotland! This first picture […]