Relaxation…by doing things!

That’s how you do it, right? (Related: This comic )

So, here’s a look at how I spend my down time:

Cuddle Cthulhu is not impressed.

Cuddle Cthulhu is not impressed. But then, he never is.

I make chainmail. It gives me something to do with my hands, a way to practice patience, and tangible (colorful!) results at the end of a project. Plus, sometimes I do get quite tired of sitting in front of the computer screen doing research. This is actually part of the reason that I’ve been getting interested in the maker movement. And as fun as it is to work with pliers, I’m really interested in branching out into other crafts – maybe do some more things with metal, or learn some carpentry. Or gem cutting. Gem cutting would be super awesome. Obviously things like time and money hold me back, but there really are so many interesting things to make that I’d love to learn. I’ve been making chainmail about, oh, 2.5 years now. It’s great fun.

Looking to read some interesting thoughts about tech and the future? Or whatever else I cook up between now and my next post? Check back soon!

I’m trying to move into a 2-3 times per week posting schedule. Just to get some momentum going. = )

Happy Wednesday! ❤



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