Fighting Dinosaurs

Cuddle Cthulhu was very mad at me for not bringing him to Alton Towers, so I am giving him a special feature post of some of the other adventures he had when Kyle was visiting me.

First, we went to the Natural History Museum. Cuddle Cthulhu is very…ambitious.

I can take him!

I can take him!

T-Rex, meet Cuddle Cthulhu. Tiny terror of the deep, meet one of the largest land predators in Earth’s history.

I really like dinosaurs, and I liked them a lot as a kid, too. The Animorphs book where they go back in time to the dinosaurs (because of a nuclear weapon in the sea, I think? I don’t know, it didn’t have to make sense) was one of my favorites. I read it so much it started to fall apart. I think Cuddle Cthulhu would run into much more trouble than he thinks around actual, live dinosaurs. Letting him take over the UK Natural History Museum, though, now there’s an idea.

We also had a couples game night in which we played this gem of a game:

A game about me? I'm honored. Now kneel for your overlord.

A game about me? I’m honored. Now kneel for your overlord.

In hindsight, perhaps having Cuddle Cthulhu attend the game was not our best plan. We lost, and the world got destroyed. He probably secretly took over someone’s mind and sabotaged us. (Actually, it’s a wicked hard game to win anyway, but it was really fun to play.)

And thus, more pictures of Cuddle Cthulhu were released into the wild. Next up, a review of Maleficent, and possibly a post about open access publishing. I had a lot of research left over that didn’t make it into my papers, but thoughtful, academically-oriented posts take significantly more time, and I am trying to focus on my dissertation. We will see.

In the meantime, have a super lovely day full of awesome. ❤


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