Three weeks ago, I was packing to go to Florence, where I was meeting Kyle and his family.

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this before, but I actually really like to pack. I like both packing and planning, and I was somewhat neurotic about both this time around because I took the 10kg carry-on limit very seriously just in case someone decided to check the weight of my tiny backpack that probably can’t even hold 10kg worth of stuff… Right, in case anyone is curious, I’m actually not very anti-authoritarian when it comes down to it. Moving on.

Florence and the surrounding areas were absolutely gorgeous. I’m a sucker for hills and views and old buildings. It was a very nice trip.


It shall allll be mine.

It shall allll be mine.

What a view, right? It may have been ill-advised to bring Cuddle Cthulhu to the top of the cathedral dome. Putting all kind of ideas into his head. Plus, I’m not sure about their view of elder horrors, but I’m willing to bet it’s not great. Oh well.


Ah, the beauty of camera angles; such a peaceful, idyllic scene just above the heads of the fifty or so fellow tourists in this piazza.

such lean...very tilt...wow

such lean…very tilt…wow

I’m not actually sure why this picture is so grainy; sorry about that. Climbing the tower is rather disorienting because the lean affects the stairs, but you notice it much more on the way up than you do once you get to the top. Seen dimly in the background: lots of people taking pictures of themselves holding up the tower. Not seen: Cuddle Cthulhu attempting to push it over. That rapscallion.

Kyle came back with me to London and spent an awesome week here. We cooked an ostrich steak and zebra burgers. Went to the comics exhibit at the British Library, which may well garner its own post soon (did I forget to write about seeing Neil Gaiman and Tori Amos? I definitely did. Oops).

It was a lovely break from everything, and now the time has come to buckle down and tackle my dissertation head on. It’s go time. = D

Oh, and one more thing. It’s Monday, so you might need a reminder that you’re awesome.



One comment

  1. Rapscallion – ha ha ha

    zebra burgers?! =o

    And hey, YOU are awesome! =)

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