Scottish Adventures in Progress

Good morning, friends!

Expect a full recap of Bronach when I return (Sunday or Monday).

What’s Bronach, you ask?

Brother + Albannach + two coaches of Americans in the Scottish Highlands = Bronach. Brother and Albannach are two fantastic bands. Steph and I have basically followed Albannach around the country (yes, you could say we’re groupies). For your enjoyment, I present Unleash the Albannach. Just try to put this on and not feel the fire call in your blood. It will run in your veins and catch your soul alight.

They are even more incredible in person. Just really, really outstanding. I’ve never understood how people can hear this and not move. If Albannach plays near you, you should probably go. That’s all I’m saying. (Here’s another good one:

At any rate, this is why I’m traipsing about Scotland. Cuddle Cthulhu is with me, obviously.

Cuddle Cthulhu with Kelpies

One of these things is not like the other…

And with that, I return to the dancing, traveling, and all-around revelry. Much love until next week.




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