Chocolate for Dinner

My break from coursework on Saturday was to go to the London Chocolate Festival with Sara.

No, of course I didn’t actually eat chocolate for dinner. I ate it for lunch, silly.

We bought tasting tickets, so we got to spend an hour in a tasting session. We didn’t know ahead of time that all of the sessions were different when we picked our time slot, and boy are we lucky that we went to the 1 o’clock one. It was all glorious Italian chocolates, including one with sundried tomato & oregano in dark chocolate (yes, pizza-inspired chocolate, and yes, it was marvelously delicious) as well as spoonfuls of real gianduja (which she said like ten times and I still had to look up how to spell/say ). Basically, what Nutella aspires to be and, now that I’ve been enlightened, miserably falls short. There was also chocolate with a fig and anise filling. I do not like anise, and since we were sitting in front, the presenter proceeded to laugh at me (nicely) and then inform me the next time chocolate had anise in it, while laughing again (still nice, though).

After the tasting, we wandered around the stalls of London’s finest bakers and chocolatiers, trying samples of this and that, including new Chocolate Baileys . Our fancy tasting tickets also included the “best brownie ever” trail, which meant we got to try little bite size brownie pieces from several stalls and vote for our favorites. And of course, I bought chocolate.

Lord of the chocolate

Lord of the chocolate

The basket of adorable mini chocolates? Yeah, I bought some of those. In fancy flavors like dark chocolate with basil & Persian lime and milk chocolate with rose. It was really fun to dig through all the itty bitty bars and choose which ones to buy.

Cuddle Cthulhu does not understand the appeal of this mouse.

They’re in an intense staring contest.

Why yes, that is a Mickey Mouse made out of chocolate. There was also Hello Kitty, an owl playing an according, a sleeping kitty, and basically everything. Made out of chocolate. I slightly regret not buying something, because their selection of amazingly shaped chocolate was outstanding. But Cuddle Cthulhu was not impressed. He rarely is.

So that was my Saturday. Now it’s back to coursework. I’ve finished one paper and my website is coming along nicely, minus the two main functions that it’s supposed to have… *sigh*

But my friend Sarah will be here on Thursday! Yay! Adventures will be had! This is too many exclamation points! Help, I can’t stop shouting!

Okay, sorry. = D

Have a lovely day and please don’t forget that you are basically the coolest ever. ❤


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