Windsor Castle!

Yesterday I went with Sara and Maria (and other people from their hall) to Windsor Castle. Cuddle Cthulhu deigned to accompany us. Mischief was possibly had.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day. Not a cloud in sight. We’ve had a string of those beautiful days here (up until today, which couldn’t make up it’s mind whether to be sunny or cloudy). The castle was absolutely amazing. Of course, I took pictures. Feast your eyes. (But also please be patient if it takes a moment to load; this is a rather image-heavy post.)

Castle tower

The flag means the Queen was there!

Seriously, it was so sunny. Almost too sunny – I couldn’t always tell how my pictures were turning out, haha. But only almost (I love the sun!)

Cuddle Cthulhu at the gates

Guess who’s coming to dinner?

Behind my minions lies the quadrangle, where the Queen actually stays when she’s in residence. I bet she’d like Cuddle Cthulhu. (I was actually really worried while I was taking this that one of them was going to take a dive behind the gate and cause me to get yelled at by one of the guards. Thankfully, all went well.)

Cthulhu looms over the castle

I am your ruler now! Mwahahaha

Cuddle Cthulhu demands tribute!

The chapel

The chapel

Unfortunately, we couldn’t go into the chapel because it was actually being used as a chapel due to us being there on a Sunday. Our tour guide helpfully assured as that we would be able to visit if we came back on a different day (which isn’t a marketing ploy as it sounds, because you can get your ticket stamped before you leave and it’s good to come back!).

It’s amazing how big the entire place was, and how many different styles of architecture are there. Especially when they’re all kind of smushed up next to each other. I’m definitely glad that I went and saw all the beauty. And the murder holes. Did I forget to mention the murder holes?

‘Til next time. ❤


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  1. beautiful..miss you guys!
    Mrs. Kelley

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