Don’t worry, I’m announcing the end of one, not a continuation. What does a month+ long break from blogging look like? Probably an entirely too-long post, but I feel the need to catch you up on my adventures, dear reader. It was honestly a much needed break. I enjoy writing and coming up with posts, and I know that I had a pretty good streak going on for a while, but every so often I need a major step back from being technologically connected to people. It takes a surprising amount of effort (and my occasional unwillingness to deal with said effort is why I will continue to profess that I am kind of bad at the internet). Justifications aside, I am back with fresh ideas, lots of pictures, and the start of a new term. Onward!

Things you missed from Christmas-January:

1) My amazing boyfriend came to visit me for Christmas, getting here on Christmas Eve morning. Here is a picture of my tiny book tree, all decorated with ‘ornaments’.

It eventually gained presents and more decorations. It's so tiny and cute!

It eventually gained presents and more decorations. It’s so tiny and cute!

Sara came over for Christmas dinner. We had Christmas crackers and Christmas pudding, ate a Christmas chicken, and watched the Doctor Who Christmas special (how many times can I use the word Christmas in a sentence?). I Skyped with my family, opened presents, had hugs and wonderful company, and it was just a generally lovely time.

2) Kyle and I went to Edinburgh to see Steph for New Year’s (or rather, Hogmanay). We saw Vikings parade with giant torches, amazing fireworks over the castle, and played Hnefatafl (Viking chess).

See? Vikings. With fire. A pretty good combination if you ask me.

See? Vikings. With fire. A pretty good combination, I think.

3) Other random adventures were had, like visiting the Dickens Museum in its holiday finery on Boxing Day, going to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, and seeing Tom Hiddleston and Mark Gatiss in Coriolanus. Plus the usual puttering about London, visiting museums and wandering and cooking tasty things.

Probably the closest we'll ever get to meeting the Queen. Legos! =D

Probably the closest we’ll ever get to meeting the Queen. Legos! =D

4) Of course, the fun ended eventually. Then term papers were due, and I learned why this definition of procrastination is the only one that matters: “the action of ruining your own life for no apparent reason”. It was a rough time; aside from my procrastination, my computer blue-screened on me while I was writing! Luckily it recovered, and most of my stuff was backed up anyway. This is why you save frequently and in more than one place. I did manage to get all the essays in on time (if not of the best quality). A friend posted about that blog, and it’s both hilarious and helpful. I’m determined to get at least some of my procrastination under control, even if it’s a slow process. Next time term papers are due, I’ll be better prepared.

A new term started Monday. Now that everyone is caught up on what you missed, it’s time to look forward once more. Posts about classes, posts about life, adorable pictures of Cuddle Cthulhu – it’s all on the horizon. It’s good to be back.


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