Cthulhu on Strike

Cthulhu on Strike

…Where I can cause mischief and mayhem.

Always read the fine print.

Speaking of strikes, there was one outside City today. There was one a couple weeks ago, too, which was part of a wider London higher education strike, but I wasn’t on campus that day. Today, I learned some interesting things. University staff were striking – most of them to advocate for fair pay, but I was intrigued because our library staff were out there, too. It seems our library isn’t quite getting the support it needs, and the staff are facing some pretty significant stresses. City, you’re a great school, and I’m really proud to be here, so I have to point out – when it comes to funding, you know that supporting the library should be pretty core, right? Just checking on that. Libraries are pretty integral to the running of a school. The importance of libraries is half the reason I’m here, after all. Check out part of this handy “Did You Know?” fact sheet they were handing out, containing almost entirely information that I did not in fact know.

Hmmm. The strikers seem to have a pretty good point or several.

Hmmm. The strikers seem to have a pretty good point or several.

As I didn’t know all of this, I’m sure there is also other information I don’t have , from both sides. But it does make me stop to think about several things. What’s the best way for employers to interact and negotiate with strikers? How does such a large organization as a university balance its budget and prioritize funding? Why is fair pay and keeping up with inflation still even an issue, when it seems like a pretty good general human strategy for not sucking? I mean seriously, taking this away from this particular strike, at what point did so much of our modern civilization start resting on profits over people, and does anyone actually think this is a good thing when they stop to think about it? (Anyone who isn’t completely violating life rule no. 2, that is). It’s amazing how many different ways the world can be a mess, and I wonder sometimes if we’re ever going to get it right. However, philosophical paranoia about the future of humanity aside, I’ll bring it back local and say if we’re not getting right, we can only try to fix it. I support the people who were willing to stand outside in the cold to let us know something should be fixed.

p.s. For anyone unaware this happened:

Just when it started to get long again, I cut all my hair off shorter than ever! =D

Just when it started to get long again, I cut all my hair off shorter than ever! =D



  1. oh my gosh, just that front picture of Cuddle Cthulu made me laugh out load – and I was drinking at the time! ha ha ha!

  2. drinking as in tea, not alcohol – meaning I choked on laughter, not tipsy or anything – just to clarify

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