Happy Thanksgiving from abroad. = )

It feels quite odd not to be home this year. I think I’ve only spent one other Thanksgiving away from home, and even that year I saw some family (and was still on the East coast!). Now I’m across the ocean, where daily life goes on like normal this Thursday; the only indication that something is different is that my Facebook feed has filled with friends posting about what they’re grateful for. This one sentence aside, I won’t use my blog for a soapbox about the origins of Thanksgiving and the subsequent fate of Native Americans, or the rampant consumerism that revs up starting today (on the holiday itself, no less), or the gratitude people express for soldiers while ignoring homeless veterans on the streets… Okay, I’m done. Because honestly, I do think it’s nice that we have a holiday that’s about being grateful, about reflecting on the good things in life, about spending time with family and friends. And yes, about food (I really like food). Yes, there are problems, but the fact is the spirit of the holiday is a really, really good one. So while I’m here in Edinburgh, getting ready to take a train back to London instead of eating turkey and stuffing at my grandma’s house in SC, I’m still going to take the time to really think about all the many things I have to be thankful for, not the least of which that I’m actually living here in the UK (I still can’t believe it sometimes).

Much love ❤

p.s. The UK does not appear to have fresh cranberries. I can’t find them anywhere, even on Amazon (and Amazon has everything). Somebody send me cranberries. = (

p.p.s. Anyone else just notice how weird the word “cranberries” is? Cranberries. Craaanberrrries. Cran-berries. Berries of cran. Cranberry. Sorry, I’ll stop now.

p.p.p.s. I still have posts coming about information overload, I promise. Everything just always takes longer than I think it will.


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