Cuddle Cthulhu might like Nutella almost as much as he likes causing mayhem and chaos.

Honestly, I am not enough of an adult to keep a jar of this in my kitchen unsupervised. It makes excellent topping for pumpkin pancakes, which I am making again soon (so…much…pumpkin). It also makes excellent topping on a spoon..I mean, uh, I don’t just eat it out of the jar, who does that? *cough*

I have to hide it from Cuddle Cthulhu though. I turn my back for one minute and there he is, hugging the jar. Thankfully he has no opposable thumbs.

I am 5k words into NaNoWriMo! Woohoo! I also have a library card to a public library now, which is great. Not that City’s library isn’t fabulous, but a person needs some fiction every now and then. It’s reading week, so no class – more time to read! I shall make a dent in my school reading list and my personal reading list. I definitely won’t spend the entire week writing my novel. Or watching Doctor Who…


One comment

  1. Maybe just a little time for Dr Who…I’m catching up to you! =)

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