Bright and Shiny Good Morning

I suppose it is now (barely) afternoon here, but that is beside the point. I’m still wishing you a darn good morning. =D

Alas, I can wish all I want, but while my morning has been alright (full of toasted pumpkin seeds!), many people have had their days severely derailed by the storm that swept through. Transportation lines are down, trees have fallen, that crazy wind probably kept everyone but the heaviest sleepers up half the night (I know it did me). What a mess. It’s kind of beautiful outside though, in that weird post-storm way. Leaves everywhere, wind still up, the sun feels out of place – it’s almost got an apocalyptic feel. I really like violent weather, even though it sucks that it has such a huge effect on the day-to-day running of the city and people’s lives. DITA was first postponed and then cancelled (but LISF is still on). However, I’m in the computer lab with a few other students who came in anyway to get some of the work done. Especially because the work involves writing a blog and comparing blog hosting sites. So if you were wondering at your good luck at getting two posts from me in the same 24 hour period, thank Ernesto. =)

This particular session has, for better or worse, led me to rediscover the old blog that I kept on Blogger. I have not updated since April of this year, and the next most recent post was June 2012. I like to joke (er, half seriously) that I’m kind of bad at the internet. Emails, blogs, and social media are all things that I do in a somewhat haphazard, unfocused manner. I’m getting much better at it, though; at least when I procrastinate on this blog, it’s only for maybe a week. After exploring Blogger again for the first time in ages, I must admit that I’m quite glad I switched to WordPress for this new blogging adventure. I find it more streamlined and easy to use. It seems like WordPress gives users more customization power as well; however, customization has never been my strong suit. I get far too impatient. My impatience is something I’m working on. Not exactly in bounds and strides, though. For example, I attempted to make an account at LiveJournal just to see how that site compares to Blogger and WordPress and became confused and fed up with it almost immediately. Since I already have a perfectly functioning blog here, I probably won’t do anything with that account. It’s hard enough for me to keep up with one thing. I feel kind of bad for taking up a really cool username.

I did like how easy it was to set up interests and a bio, both on LJ and Blogger. I have not actually done that yet on WordPress. You’d think it would be an automatic, prompted thing. “Hey, welcome to BlogServiceA. Want to write a first post or tell us more about yourself?” I better update that here. Probably with reference to Cuddle Cthulhu being a mischievous evil minion though. He is the real star of this blog, after all. And I’m learning to categorize things! I’m probably going to go and retroactively categorize posts on here. I’ll have to keep them pretty general, or risk being frustrated later when nothing fits in a category. I have that problem on deviantART. I recently got into adding favorites into specific collections, rather than a huge catch-all favorites area. It’s fun to pretend to be an online art curator, but I like so many different kinds of things that I’m constantly creating new collections because things don’t fit in the ones I have. It might help if I didn’t name the collections things like “Dreams of a Copper Future” and “Hearty Dose of Whimsy” but where’s the fun in creating art collections if you can’t wax poetic about them?

Egads this is a long post! Enjoy the rest of your day and I will update again soon. =)


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