Rundown of the Week

Sorry for going so long without posting! I promise I’m trying to stick to a schedule of about every other day; it’s just been a rather busy week.

Highlights include:

Y’ALL I WAS IN THE SAME ROOM AS BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH AND HARRISON FORD ON TUESDAY. I may never post an all-caps sentence again, but the occasion warranted it. Megan got tickets to a taping of the Graham Norton show (airing tonight) and Kendra and I got to come as her guests. It was basically a full day affair between getting there, standing in line, getting into the studio, the whole taping, etc. And it was so, so worth it. Hilarious show, really amazing guests (psst, did I mention it was Benedict Cumberbatch and Harrison Ford?). Such a great day, although I was super sore from the combination of box fit one day and yoga the next.

Then on Wednesday we toured the National Theatre Archives. This was mostly for the IMP module, although I’m sure all of us intend to go back because it was really interesting. They have costume bibles for so many shows…really makes me wonder if I shouldn’t have tried to go into costume design (or if I still could…).

And tonight I’m getting on a train to Edinburgh to visit one of my best friends in the world. So excited. Cuddle Cthulhu and friends are along for the ride. Expect pictures. =D



  1. Very cool. One little thing – pretty sure it’s Benedict Cumberbatch with a b not a p


  2. Whoops, you’re definitely right. Fixed it, thanks. =)

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