Saturday Morning

Not to be confused with “Sunday Morning,” the Maroon 5 song.

You know it has been a good morning when you get home and feel like you’ve done a full day – and it’s barely 1 in the afternoon. We got up early and went to the Borough Market. I think markets might be my favorite part about living in this city. It was huge and beautiful and full of interesting things! It also got busy later in the day, but the crowds stayed fairly low while there in the morning. Even so, the market itself is jam-packed with vendors. Like a twisty maze of delicious things to tempt you into buying – bright fruits and veggies (nectarines!), enormous pans of curries bubbling (seriously, they were like a meter wide), free samples of cheeses and oils and spreads, and the list goes on. Coupled with incredibly friendly sales people who have perfected the art of drawing you in (it’s so hard to say no when they’re nice!), and you have a potential recipe for disaster. Luckily, I brought a set amount of cash and knew more or less what I was looking for. While it would be easy to get overwhelmed and want to BUY ALL THE THINGS, I think I did a pretty good job of reminding myself that I can always go back next week and stick to what I need (as in, I really need a beautiful butternut squash, but I already have my meals planned so I have to get it next time). Hehe. I’m definitely glad we decided to explore it, and got ahead of some of the rush. Oh, and guess who came along! (Sorry for the rather fuzzy picture quality.)

They both came shopping with me.

They both came shopping with me.

Exploring a few shops near Angel station (not sure exactly where) rounded off the end of the morning quite nicely. We found an awesome children’s bookshop! And an awesome regular bookshop, where I ended up buying a book that has the potential to be quite weird and entertaining (to add to an already way-too-extensive reading list).

And here’s Myrcell being all cute with a yellow rose in the garden I pass on the way to City from my apartment. =)

Look how well his purple goes with the yellow.

Look how well his purple goes with the yellow.


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