Children’s Books

A few weeks ago, I asked Facebook for recommendations for children’s and YA books to read as part of a project to read at least one (non-school) book a week. After all, a wannabe children’s librarian needs to know the field. The subsequent outpouring from people of beloved authors, titles, and series was incredible. To know that my friends loved some of the same books I did, have read and loved books I’ve never heard of, and were willing to share all of this with me – so many warm fuzzies, y’all. I’m still working on compiling that list into an actual plan, and intend to start within a week or so now that I’ve settled into London a bit more. I’m posting this now, a bit ahead of time, to let everyone know that I’d like to keep track of that project on this blog. Partially to hold myself accountable to it, and partially to use those posts as something of a “grown-ups who love children’s books” book club. So now the blog is part Cuddle Cthulhu shenanigans, part updates/thoughts on my coursework and readings, and part children’s books review and discussion. Huh, these things actually sound kind of related…

I am definitely looking forward to this. =D


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