The Good, the Evil, the Cthulhu

Hello, friends!

First, to capture your attention, here is my minion of evil standing side by side with a force for good (in a toy store). Terrible for his image, really. Good thing Cuddle Cthulhu doesn’t know how to use a computer…yet.



Want to know what I did last night? Of course you do; it was awesome. I went with my friend Megan to see a “Fairytales for Grownups” storytelling performance of the Epic of Gilgamesh by the Crick Crack Club. Did I mention it was awesome? Awesome is such an overused term. Perhaps instead I should say it was engrossing, fantastic, hilarious and wonderful. Those definitely all apply. I will absolutely be going to more things that they do, like Eros & Psyche and the upcoming Festival of Fairytales. Have I mentioned that I’m excited about the Festival of Fairytales? I’m almost as excited to learn about that as I was to learn about Wicked Faire! Maybe I should become a professional storyteller…

Okay, off to cook dinner with Kendra. It’s feast time. Be jealous. (Or not, whatever suits you).


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