Updates! And Happiness!

It figures that the moment one finds a list of tried-and-true microwave mug cakes, one’s microwave is not currently working.

Sunday morning I tried to reheat bacon in the microwave, as you do, and suddenly the interior of the microwave sparked at me. I immediately turned it off and reported the problem (and ate cold bacon). As it turns out, I need a new microwave. Fabulous, my apartment building has ordered a replacement (nice thing about apartment living). Less fabulous, of course, is that I am now without a microwave, and they are rather handy for student living. Good thing I still have my stove top (oh, that’s just asking for trouble). Maybe an update on cool meals I make later? Yes, later.

Now for the fun updates! I’ve officially been living on my own in London for a little over a week, and I officially started class yesterday! And suddenly it’s October! Someone tell me, how did it get to be October already? September was really, incredibly full of things. (Aside, several cars outside my window just got impatient and pressed their horns in succession, and the different toots made a little melody.) If anyone is curious about what kinds of things we’re looking at on the Library Science course and has Twitter, check out #citylis (also follow me – @SuriSerendipity). For those of you who don’t have Twitter, that’s alright since I’m about to give a little update here. For those of you who aren’t curious – um, why are you reading my blog again? Right, for cute pictures of Cuddle Cthulhu. Look, he’s here too! Everyone wins! =)

I am so excited about my course it’s not even funny. Yesterday in DITA (Digital Information Technologies & Architectures), our exercises involved the simple act of saving something as different file types and opening it in Notepad/MS Word/etc. This may sound silly coming from someone of my generation, but I had no idea just how much metadata goes into some fairly simple word processing. I also think I need to be more well-versed in HTML. I’m really excited to learn more about all of this. I also asked kind of a silly question about secret codes (well, I thought it was cool), and got pointed in the direction of learning more about Alan Turing. Which would have been awesome enough on its own, and then a classmate pointed out that there is a movie coming out about Turing with Benedict Cumberbatch (The Imitation Game). Lesson learned? Usually a good idea to ask (even potentially silly) questions. Later in the day, LISF (Library and Information Science Foundation) got off on a wonderfully philosophical/historical foot by talking about documents, writing, and libraries in the ancient world. I left thinking about alphabets and communication; what counts as a library, a document? It was fascinating and awesome. Like the history of the book, but broader.

This post has become very long, I know. I haven’t even gotten to ramble yet about hanging out in London and making new friends. But not to worry, it will all get interspersed in here eventually. Thanks for bearing with my over-excited text posts. Here’s the view of my bed every morning. =DImage


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  1. I’m so excited that you’re so excited! =)

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