Blank Looks

Person: “What course are you on?”

Me: “Library science.”

Person: *blank look* Occasionally followed by, “I’m sorry, I’ve never heard of that before.”

Seriously? Now, once or twice makes sense. It’s just a thing that happens. But last night I went on a cruise thing that City did, and met a lot of people since I didn’t go with anyone from my course. I got this reaction from nearly every single person I interacted with. Yes, y’all, librarians do actually have to study in order to do what they do. It often amazes me how many people don’t actually know this. Maybe because their idea of a librarian is just someone who sits behind a desk checking out books to people? I’m not sure. It would have felt rather invalidating, if not for the fact that I don’t actually care and already know what I’m doing is important. But I hope maybe some of these people have a vague memory of, “Oh yeah, library science is a thing,” the next time they walk into a library.


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