Before I Continue…

I still have plenty of London-related things to cover, as well as my children’s book project to discuss, but before the invasion continues, I wanted to introduce my cuddly friends (and their makers).

Cuddle Cthulhu is a crocheted creature made by the fabulous Needle Gnomes. Look, they have facebook and a shop!

If Cuddle Cthulhu has brought you smiles (or perhaps the terror he occasionally inspires in people’s hearts), you should like them =). I’ve even seen a crocheted Yoda, but I like my little force of evil.

Myrcell, on the other hand, was sewn by one of my best friends and given to me as a birthday present. I haven’t gotten her permission to use her name on my blog yet, but rest assured she is amazing. And soon, she’ll be opening an etsy shop, where she too will be selling really adorable cuddly things.

Sorry, I know this blog post reads like a giant advertisement (and I’m not even getting paid), but I think it is necessary to acknowledge the people who make wonderful things. Particularly when they’re real people instead of giant corporate thingamabops. Small joys are important joys.

Now onto the London fun. =D


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